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Info for new customers

Thank you for choosing Morawski Cleaning. Below you will find all the necessary information for new customers. Cleaning options, cleaning supply list, payment options.


Cleaning Services provided:

   Routine House Cleanings

   Seasonal Deep Cleanings

   Holiday & Party Cleanings

   Office Cleanings

   Move-In/Out Cleanings




Due to certain allergies, smell sensitivities, individual needs, we usually don’t supply cleaning products without notice. However, If you need us to bring sanitized supplies, we can for a small fee.  To save you money we can use whatever you already have in stock, however, for efficiency it is best to have what is needed for each specific surface. We will always let you know when a product is running low or empty. 


*.10-15 Microfiber cloths 
. Paper towels
*.Garbage bags: large and small 
*.Toothbrush for crevices*
*.Scott scrubby sponges*
.Garbage bags and Liners for sm cans
*.Toilet bowl brush per bathroom

.WOOD FLOORS:    LIBMAN, BONA or O-Cedar make Squeeze Mops  for  wood, cork, laminate or tile flooring (extra mop pads needed for separate drying & cleaning)  ( )
Is found Walmart, Stop & Shop, Big Y, and hardware stores.  one extra mop pad is recommended for this type

.BUCKET if using a traditional style mop

*.STEAM MOPS: Shark Steam mops are great for laminate or tile flooring (non-toxic clean/only water) Steam Mops are great  tile flooring  ( )
Shark® Genius™ Steam Pocket® Mop System w/ Steam Blaster™ Technology

*.VACUUMS:  (with attachments) We like the SHARK NAVIGATOR, it can be found at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond. They range from $125.00 To $225.00.

*.BATHROOMS: Scrubbing Bubbles, Clorox- (non-bleach) or  Lysol makes hydrogen peroxide cleaner,(multi-purpose one, and bathroom one), **Barkeepers friend and more spray

.GRANITE OR MARBLE STONE SURFACES: Miracle ( ) or Aquamix Marble ( ) or Granite or a Stone Cleaner.  FYI: on Tile floors, the sealant over your grout only holds up for about 3 years.  It may need to be cleaned by a specialist and or replaced.  The grout should not be cleaned with an Acidic based cleaner.

*.STAINLESS STEEL: Stainless Steel Cleaner wipes by  Zep (    or any Stainless steel spray cleaner is ok as long as its used with soft cloths along the grain and not paper towels. Lemon oil works well, as does wd-40

*.GLASS/MIRRORS: SPRAYWAY Glass Cleaner. It's better because it doesn't drip or streak. ( ) is a foam spray. Only an ammonia-free glass cleaner is safe.

*.MR. CLEAN MAGIC ERASER SPONGES: are good for marks on walls(only if quality paint, otherwise they strip the paint off), woodwork, baseboards & trim, shower doors, bathtubs, etc... we use these regularly, best to buy in bulk.

*.WAND DUSTER: Swiffer Dusters are best. NOT feathers or lambswool. Also a long-handled duster for ceilings & baseboards.

.FURNITURE POLISH: Depends on furniture requirements. lemon oil, orange glow wood cleaner & polish, *beeswax





We want to care for your specific needs as we will work off your list in priority. Please send your list to us in advance so we are prepared. Below is a generic list to refer to.  In the case that we are unable to complete the cleaning within the purchased time, you will be notified of which if any tasks remain undone. You always have the option to purchase more time if the cleaner is available for longer that day or you may schedule another cleaning to finish the job.  This process allows us to stay within your budget and do what is most important to you.  In the case where we finish in less time than you have purchased, we will credit your card or send you a check back for the difference.

For any new clients, we require payment in advance to hold your spot in the schedule.





.light fixtures inside and out

.top of refrigerator

.fronts of cabinets

.inside cabinets and drawers


.counters-under and behind things

.small appliances-inside and out toaster oven, microwave, etc.

.inside oven

.inside refrigerator

.clean inside of window and sills (permitting they are accessible with no more than a step stool)

.wash baseboards

.flooring: swept/vacuumed and washed




.exhaust fan 

.light fixtures inside and out

.clean inside of window and sills

.top of medicine cabinet -inside and outside

.shower stall & tub

.towel and t-paper holder, light switches

.toilet-inside and out and behind

.sink and cabinet-inside and out

.wash baseboards 

.trash can inside and out-line can

.doors around knob and moldings of door

.flooring: swept/vacuumed and washed



.light fixtures inside and out

.ceiling fans


.clean inside of window and sills

.light switches, door frames, and fingerprints

..wash baseboards + moldings

.dusting of nicknacks, lamps, lampshades

.dust furniture

.make beds-change sheets

.vacuum inside/under pillows and out of couch and chairs

.clean under the bed

.trash can inside and out-line can

.vacuum or sweep and wash floors 



.inside shelving and flooring




.sweep/vacuum flooring



Flip mattresses with assistance

Wash Towels and Sheets

Water Plants

Polish Silver


*For insurance reasons: we cannot remove bulk garbage or move heavy furniture.  We can't climb ladders or clean the outside of windows. We cannot clean out fireplaces, diaper pails, kitty litter boxes or touch electronics (dusting only on electronics).



2. A BASIC ROUTINE (flat fee)  House Cleaning is based on many factors: how many rooms, pets, traffic, contents, and how often. It includes:


. Cleaning of the kitchen including inside your microwave but not the inside of your major appliances. Spots on cabinets /around handle but-not entire cabinet fronts.

. Every inch of the Bathroom cleaned except inside of the medicine cabinet and inside closets.

. Dusting: Alternate Dusting baseboards, window sills, light fixtures, and picture frames

.Trash cans -lined and emptied and garbage is taken out

.Cobwebs & obvious fingerprints removed

. Floors vacuumed, under, and behind furniture that we can reach without moving heave pieces

. Floors all mopped and dried

. Small throw rugs are shaken out and returned to their place

. Fold towels, fold blankets 

. Make beds, change sheets as requested.





1. We will send you an emailed Quickbooks invoice to pay per cleaning with your debit or credit card. You can also set it up for recurring payments according to your cleaning schedule.  Many clients prefer this to gain points etc. We would prefer this to check or charge your card directly. Please call or email me with any questions about this new online process.


2. Checks are payable to Morawski Cleaning LLC for businesses. 


3.Any tips are up to your discretion and separate from the payment.

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