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My go-to cleaning products!

After years of running Morawski Cleaning, and being a cleaner myself, it's safe to say I've figured out my favorite cleaning products! There is so much on the market, and so many DIY or all-natural cleaners that it all gets confusing. Not to mention some methods are not safe for all surfaces, and could cause damage in your home!

At Morawski Cleaning, we do not provide cleaning supplies because it is generally not sanitary to use products that have been used in someone else’s home. As well as the possibility of certain allergies, smell sensitivities, and surfaces. We recommend certain products, but we also use what you prefer, or feel is best for your home. See below for a list of our go-to recommended products!

Our Favorite vacuum:

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum


Libman Wonder Mop

Shark Genius Steam Mop

Wood floors: Wood floors are safely cleaned with minimal organic white vinegar with a drop of Dawn Original dish detergent.

Tile Floors: Tile floors with grout cannot be cleaned with an Acidic based cleaner. Grout lines need to be dried so water won’t sit in them.

Stainless Steel Cleaner: Zep Stainless steel cleaner

Glass Cleaner: Sprayaway

Stone Surface Cleaner: Miracle Tile & Stone Cleaner

Ceramic tile or surround shower: Scrubbing Bubbles

Dusting Products: Swiffer Duster

Scrubbing Products: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (not all surfaces)

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