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New Year… Less STUFF!

With each new year comes the usual new year’s resolutions: Lose weight, spend more time with family, travel more, pay off bills, etc. Something that gets overlooked is organizing or de-cluttering your home. We usually wait to do these things in the spring. But, if you want to make a habit of keeping your home organized, why wait until spring cleaning? Clutter builds up in our homes because we hold onto items that we think we will someday need, or we just procrastinate at dealing with. A few tips to de-cluttering your home: 1. Bring all your clutter together for each room. Designate a throw away pile and a donate pile. 2. Sort through all the items and ask yourself: Why am I holding onto this item? When was the last time I used it? Is it of sentimental value? 3. Donate or throw away anything you do not need. Organize what’s left and find a home for it so you can better use it. 4. Are you left with important papers? Organize these in priority so you know what needs your attention. Anything else archive in storage or scan for digital filing. The key to keeping a clutter-free home is having a place for everything. Get the family on board and make sure everyone knows where things belong! Happy clutter-free 2019!

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