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Spring and clean!

With spring time comes fresh air, longer days, warmer weather, and of course... Spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning is a wonderful way of joining mother nature in welcoming in a fresh start and finally saying BUH-BYE to winter! It's the perfect opportunity to open up the windows and wash away the dust that built up over the cold months. The challenge is, where do you start?

Organizing your spring cleaning is a great way to ensure everything gets done. Follow these tips to get you started!

• Create a list of all the cleaning tasks you'd like to complete

• Schedule certain projects for one (or more!) days each week

• Feeling overwhelmed? Focus on one room at a time, or one large task at a time, like cleaning the windows

• Open up the windows while you clean. The winter months have caused dust and allergens to collect. As you clean, all that dust gets stirred up and can resettle.

• Be aware of your family's schedule - Need to wash the floors? Wait for a day that no one is home

• Work with the weather. With spring comes rain, which means you wont be airing out the sofa cushions outside. Watch the weather and adjust your schedule if needed.

• Treat yo' self! Pour a glass of wine, go out to dinner, or watch some TV! Spring cleaning is hard work, be sure to take a deep breath and reward yourself!

Don't be afraid to jump right in and get your home fresh and clean so you can enjoy the summer months ahead!

Follow the list of spring cleaning projects to help you get started.

Spring cleaning checklist

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