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Keeping the house clean over summer vacation

Can you believe it? Summer has finally arrived! With just a few weeks left to school, family homes will be filled with their kids, their kids friends, and what seems like the entire neighborhood!

Those quiet mornings to yourself, when you can actually get some house work done, will be gone until the fall. But don’t fret! You can still enjoy the summer AND keep your home clean!

Stressed mom with kids in messy house

There’s some simple steps you can take to help keep your house in order this summer:

• Make a schedule

Schedule activities for your kids that will give you time to clean up and a chance to relax.

• Spend more time outside!

The less the kids (and you) are in the house, the less mess to be made!

• Designated spaces

Take the opportunity to start new rules this summer. If you can, have a designated play space for the kids.

• It’s a team effort!

Get everybody involved! Have a group cleaning day, or spend one hour every morning cleaning up as a family.

• Don’t worry about it!

Lastly, the best advice to give you is to sit back and have fun with your family this summer. But if you have guests coming, and the mess keeps building along with your stress levels… Give us a call! We’re happy to come on a regular, or as needed basis, or just one time only!

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