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Fall Cleaning Check List!

Can you believe that Summer is actually over?

Most people think of Spring when they hear "deep cleaning", but the Fall is actually a perfect time to catch up on house cleaning projects that were neglected during summer fun, and also prepare for the cold Winter months ahead... Not to mention the Holidays are right around the corner! 😱

We’ve put together an easy Fall Cleaning Check List, that you can add to and will help you prepare your home for the Fall season as well as the holidays!

Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of getting the house ready for winter? We can help you with your seasonal deep cleaning!

  • Baseboards, Window Sills, Wainscoting or Moldings

  • Vacuuming ALL furniture inside and out

  • Cleaning inside of all light fixtures, ceiling fans

  • Dust surfaces, pictures, legs on furniture

  • Cleaning behind and under all furniture

  • Inside the oven, refrigerator, and kitchen cabinets

  • Finger prints on walls, moldings, and glass

  • Inside medicine cabinets and closets

  • Glass shower doors

Call 860-965-7729 for a seasonal deep cleaning quote!

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