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Bless you all!

A SHOUT-OUT! & THANK YOU! To all you WONDERFUL people out there that keep referring us! WE ARE ALL VERY GRATEFUL.

Anita Levy

Patricia Beyers

David Brooke

Aimee of Two Moons Creative

Laurie & Paul Sellitto of Sellitto Landscaping

Tellers at Webster Bank

True Value Hardware

Berkshire Hathaway Realtors

Jesse Willard

DJ & Nan Murphy

Susan Lane of Lane Changers

Alyssa Pershan Law offices

Tradewind Irrigations

Tim Marugg

Barbara at Valley Press

Amanda Lukingbeal

Dave Renough

Sharon Eastman

Montanas Hardware

Kate French

Lou Raven of KW

Eden Wimpfheimer

Morgan Castrogiovanni Realtor/Office Manager of Brooke Group

Gail Adams

Beverly Engelhart

Teresa Dotson

Meg Riley

Suffield Forum

Jacqueline & Ed Maulucci

Gennie Busse of Juice Plus+

HARTFORD Friends and Neighbors

Laurie Orr

Cassy Berger

Marsha of Oxi-Fresh Carpet cleaner

Brooke Group

Vanessa Flynn

Karen of Action Carpet

Simsbury Neighbors

BNI -Canton Chapter

FB Granby Living

Catherine Elliotte Art

David & Margaret Guagliana

Lisa Norman of Quick Books Pro

Jeff Wheeler of Bathroom tile Repair

Max Castrogiovanni realtor of Brooke Group

Lisa Doherty

Carleen Lindsay

Dee & Jeff Plaskett

Avon Vacuum Cleaner Repair

KW group-Daniel Stocker

Simsbury Gymnastic Center

Granby YMCA

Covenant Presbytarian Church

Metacon Gun Club


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